We are happy to invite you this Thursday 05/11 at 19:00 on the Institute for Postnatural Studies Youtube channel for a talk by Michael Wang (@mbwang) followed by a conversation between the artist and Gabriel Alonso (@ggggaaaaaaaaabbbb) , founder of the IPS and director of the Seminar “Postnature and Contemporary Creation”.

Michael Wang uses systems that operate on a global scale as media for art: climate change, species distribution, resource allocation and the global economy. His works include Carbon Copies, an exhibition linking the production of artworks to the release of greenhouse gases; Extinct in the Wild, a project that engages species that no longer exist in nature but persist under human care; World Trade, a series tracing the trade in steel from the World Trade Center following the attacks of September 11, 2001; and Rivals, a series that connects the readymade to systems of corporate finance.

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